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Our Network

The IC Network Overview

Developed and organically grown since our inception in 1995 our network & service area now spans throughout the UK

We have many years of experience and over the years we have gained and achieved many goals including:-

  • Licenced Telecomunications Operator (Electronic Code Powers)
    Originally a non-PTO licence with code powers issued in 2001, allowing IC to physically build and operate our own network infrastructure.

  • Diverse network built with Fibre, Copper & Radio / Microwave
    Multiple technologies allow for maximum network diversity and resilience with our own physical infrastructure currently spanning Staffordshire & Cheshire, as well as major transit nodes in Manchester & London. By using multiple other carriers our services are available across the UK and internationally.

  • Launched IC-air Last mile Microwave / Radio broadband
    IC pioneered service provision via radio / microwave, (IC-air) under a test and development licence from the Radio Authority. Subsequently, representing the ISP community in getting the original 2.4Ghz (WiFi) frequencies freed and made available for use by ISPs.

  • Network Diversity
    We interconnect with multiple carriers and providers to provide external transit as well as public peering agreements with other ISPs and carriers either privately or via a peering exchange such as LINX (Manchester & London), AMS-IX (Amsterdam) and IX-Reach (connecting to more IXs than any other provider) for direct data exchange and faster connectivty. The results of our arrangements mean that we can get you routed to your desired destination quickly, reliably and with minimal hops. The core network is a combination of cable, fibre and radio / microwave built in a resilient architecture with our major network nodes located in Keele, Stoke-on-Trent, Manchester & London.

  • Best of Breed Hardware
    Using a multi vendor core network including Cisco and Juniper routing and switching equipment for maximum resillience, you can be assured of quality throughout. Our data centres are all on-line UPS protected with generator backup to ensure continuity of service. Electronic security at all locations is maintained through Fortigate advanced UTM equipment and our server infrastructures are all powered by the industry leading VMWare infrastructure on Dell & Equalogic hardware platforms.

  • High Availability
    24 Hour monitoring and engineer standby means that we can respond quickly to any problems around the clock with engineers being automatically notified by email, SMS and telephone in the event of failure.

  • 21CN (21st Century Network) Ready Services
    We are now also fully BT 21CN (21st Century Network) connected and are able to offer the next generation network services and platforms which provide high availability, high speed & scaleability like never before.

In short: IC do not simply resell other carriers services. We actually build, deploy and maintain our own infrastructure and then interconnect with other carriers where possible to offer our clients the best choices available, but retain as much control over the service levels as possible.


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