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How to use DNS manager.

How to use DNS manager.

How to get to DNS manager.

In order to use the IC DNS manager you will first need to make sure you are logged in to myIC on our web site. 



Note (If you do not currently have a login setup for this, you can request this from sales@ic.co.uk)


Once logged in, you need to go to the "My services" tab on right hand side.

my services


Then in the My Services menu, click on "domain names"



Choose domain in question and go to Manage DNS records. Once done you will be presented with a list of current records you have that you can edit or change. There is also information on there which provides you with how to use DNS records correctly.

NOTE - This management console is only available for domains which use the name servers ns1.ic.net.uk and ns2.ic.net.uk.