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Disable Geotagging

Disable Geotagging

Did you know that when you upload photos to the Internet they can tell more about you than you may realise? More than you would want to disclose to a random stranger? Where you live and maybe where you spend time with your kids. Disable Geotagging if you're unaware of the risks.


If using an iPhone, disable it through the "Settings" page of the geotagging program.
Press "Settings"> "General" >"Location Services". Disable the
applications that use GPS data.

For older iPhones, press "Reset Location Warnings" under "Reset" to cause the phone to prompt you about
using geolocations when using the relevant applications.


On an iPad go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Disable the applications that use GPS data.


On a Blackberry, go to the camera icon. Press the "Menu" button, select "Options" and set the geotagging
option to "Disabled". Click "Save".


On an Android, start the camera. Open the menu to the left and go to "Settings". Turn off "Geotagging" or
"Location storage" (dependant on which version of Android you own).