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Recent security research has highlighted a serious security vulnerability in the BASH (Bourne Again Shell) Command Processor found on Unix and Mac OS X system, going by the name of ShellShock.

The Good new is that our routing core is unaffected, as are our VMware platforms,  all our shared hosting servers are now patched.   We believe that we now have no exposed IC systems with the vulnerability.

Customers with affected systems (which we manage) have been already patched or we are waiting for patches from the manufacturers.

Customers who manage their own machines to which we do not have access - please contact us.

IC can help you by applying patches to vulnerable machines for you. ask sales on 01782 667788



Currently Released Patches:  Vendor Guidance
Centos F5
Debian VMWare
Redhat HP (ArcSight)
Ubuntu Cisco
  Palo Alto Networks