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IPVS toolbar, Windows 8, Internet Explorer 10

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IPVS toolbar, Windows 8, Internet Explorer 10

Unable to view IPVS toolbar when running Internet Explorer 10 on Microsoft Windows 8.

For those users whom have upgraded to Microsoft Windows 8 and wish to continue using their toolbar application follow the steps below to regain this feature.

From the metro (start) the Internet Explorer tile loads a clean, fast, sleek browser but lacks certain key features.  For instance it does not support any plug ins, flash and silverlight will not work.

Whereas the desktop version provides the usual experience with toolbars, plugins and favourits.

It is possible to change the default so that the metro version always loads or the desktop.

Change default version for Internet Explorer

Open the desktop version, undert tools and Internet Options click on the programs tab.  There will be a section, Opening Internet Explorer with an option to choose how you open links.  From here change the default to always open your preferred.

Load the toolbar

So now that we know the above we can load the desktop version.  There should be an icon on the taskbar.

If however like me you removed the icon from the taskbar you will need to find it first. Open windows explorer and browse to c:\program files\internet explorer, within here there will be iexplore. If you double click Internet Explorer 10 will open in desktop mode, assuming you havent changed the default version to be metro. To prevent having to do this again, once the application is open right click on its icon on the taskbar and pin it.

If you still cannot see the IPVS toolbar, right click in the top bar and ensure both telephony options are there and checked.  It may be you have to enable the add ons through the browser.